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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Spring Home Sellers

Kelly Allen

After attending Georgia College and State University, Kelly Allen decided it was time to pursue a new challenge: the wild world of residential Real Es...

After attending Georgia College and State University, Kelly Allen decided it was time to pursue a new challenge: the wild world of residential Real Es...

Sep 12 3 minutes read

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If you plan on putting your home on the market this spring, here are five seasonal cleaning tips that will have it looking its best:

1. Take a look at your front porch. Go outside your front door, shut the door, and do a 360-degree turn and look at everything that’s on your front porch. Prospective buyers will spend 30 to 60 seconds standing on that spot while their agent opens the lockbox, so you want to make sure they’re not disappointed by anything they see. This might mean you need to buy new front-door hardware, light fixtures, or do some scrubbing and painting. Adding some pine straw to either side of the porch is also a nice touch. These are things that will impress a buyer before they even walk into your house. 

2. Wash the inside and outside of your windows right before you take pictures. They can get dirty again pretty quickly, especially during pollen season. Speaking of pollen season, you might want to jump ahead of the pollen and rinse off your deck and its furniture every couple of days so it looks nice and fresh. 

3. Thoroughly clean your kitchen. We all know that kitchens sell houses, and yours doesn’t have to be newly renovated in order to sell. It does, however, have to be clean and sparkling. Make your cabinets, cooktops, and countertops shine so buyers will fall in love with your kitchen. 

4. Update your bathroom. As with kitchens, your bathroom doesn’t have to be newly renovated, but the quickest way to update your bathroom and make buyers fall in love with it is to replace your current linens with fresh white ones. Switch out your old shower curtain with a fresh, new fabric curtain and switch out any towels you have hanging on your towel bars with big, white, fluffy ones. Don’t use these linens, though. 

5. Clear your closets. Now that it’s getting warmer, you don’t need those big, heavy winter clothes anymore. Box them up along with your other winter accessories. You’re moving anyway, so why not box that stuff up now? Your closets will immediately look 25% to 50% larger. 

If you have any questions about getting your home ready for the spring market or there are any other real estate needs I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you. 

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